Internet Librarian 08 – Conference Day 1

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On this first day of the official conference, I switched back and forth between the Public Library Track and the Web Development Track.  This, of course, was after an intriguing keynote address given by Howard Rheingold, author of Smart Mobs.  Mr. Rheingold discussed Communities and communication in a social & Mobile World and spoke about how SMS has been used around the world for gathering mobs for both good and bad purposes.  Collective action has been a driving force for change throughout history and in the future, technology will make this even easier and faster.  His remarks were a great introduction for the rest of the presentations of the day.

David Lee King’s Designing the Digital Experience made me think about web page creation in an entirely new way.  Our Library web page should focus on providing an “experience” for the patron. 
He asked us to consider “How do you Improve the Ordinary Experiences patrons are having on your website?” rather than content we, as librarians, think should be there.  If checking out a book is the Event for a patron, then a “preshow” experience might be bookreviews or exerpts from the book on a webpage.  The “postshow” experience would include a comments section on the page where patrons can express their opinions of the book or a forum to exchange ideas with other readers.  In considering a webpage re-design, don’t look at other library pages, but rather look at web pages that your patrons use like Amazon, Google, and eBay.  Then take ideas from those experiences.

Greg Schwartz spoke to us about Branding – not our libraries, but rather ourselves as librarians. 
You don’t own your online identity but you do have the ability to influence it.  Personal branding is the actions you take to define who you are to others. 
Greg’s Six Tips for managing your brand
1.Have a homebase (blog, webpage, etc.) Claimid – gives you a profile page that identifies all of your social network pages.
2.Own your username – think about how selection of username affects your brand
3.Aggregate your lifestream – friendfeed – gives your friends a place to go to see a single place that unifies your social network.
4.  Join the conversation – single best way to get yourself as a librarian out into the online experience Important that you are thoughtful and the real you. You portray yourself in the light that you want to be recognized
5. Follow what others are saying about you.(Google Blog Alert) Technorati also does this.
6. Be authentic – be real You want your online presence to connect to the real you.


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