Internet Librarian 2009, Day One – Opening Keynote

October 26, 2009 at 10:57 pm 1 comment

In years past, the opening Keynote talks have served to energize and set a tone for the rest of the conference.  This morning’s event was no exception!  Rather than a one-person presentation, we were treated to an interview of Vint Cerf , VP & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google by Paul Holdengraber, Director, Public Programs, N.Y. Public Library.  At times, the exchange seemed like a duel of wits, often funny but always thought-provoking.  Among the more memorable moments of this exchange are these:
–  Googol was original spelling and referred to a mathematical term – Lawyers misspelled it by accident and incorporation papers were filed as Google.  Rest is history.
–  Only 25% of world’s population is online now.   We still have to help the rest of the people  with how to use it .
It’s  early in the evolution of this system.  Internet still has 99% of its possibilities to be discovered.
– Our culture is tending towards brevity which suggests shallowness.  Born Digital talks about this.
–  Bit rot problem – as we build up more and more digital archives, what good is it if the mechanisms used to create them are no long around.  Older files may no longer be properly interpretable.  What good is it to preserve bits if we have nothing to play it on?  Cloud Computing may well be an answer to this problem.
–  Google would like to see some common standards arise for electronic texts/e-books.  Concerned about rights that you may or may not have with ebook texts.  Unlike paper books, you can’t loan them, give them away, sell them etc.
–  Don’t expect traditional books to disappear.  Certain feel and smell to holding a book. Bulk of materials we’re likely to work with will be in electronic form within 50 years.  Books are too static – need something more dynamically rendered.
–  Google is getting involved more with schools.  Traditional books are less well suited in today’s world since it’s changing so quickly.  We should expunge “Teach” from vocabulary and replace it with “Learn”.  People often learn best by doing things than by hearing about things.  Teachers might become “coaches” in the learning by doing environment.

The interview ended with an exchange about privacy vs. protection as it relates to the Internet.  It was a lively and entertaining kickoff for the General Conference.


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