The Day After Joomla!

March 19, 2010 at 9:46 am Leave a comment

Twas the day after Joomla Workshop and all through the house ,oops, Library, librarians were back to normal duties.  (What did you expect, a rhyme?)  Anyway, the seven staff members who attended this 2+ hour class all survived and are eager to start work on our new Library web page.  From comments I heard, here are our observations:

  1. “It doesn’t look all that complicated.”  This is the opinion of just about everyone.  Of course, this was after a mere introduction to the software!
  2. Let’s just jump in and start playing with the program.  Again, several of our staff members are eager to get their hands on Joomla and see what they can do.
  3. “Wow!  no HTML, so it has to be great.”  This remark came from librarians who also don’t know CSS or PHP – both of which I suspect will be very handy in customizing Joomla down the road.
  4. Being librarians, I’m delighted to report that a few of them echoed my concerns about first having some sort of master plan about overall structure and architecture for the new web site.

I’ll admit to being not up to par physically or mentally on the day of the Joomla workshop.  I had been sick in bed for the previous three days and probably would have remained there if not for the class.  Thus, I went into the computer lab at a slight disadvantage.  I emerged three hours later convinced that CMS is the way for us to go, but still not totally clear on the path we need to take.  Our able trainer was in favor of plunging right into the program and converting all of my existing pages into Joomla articles.  This has a certain appeal in that we’d immediately use the skills learned in the class.  If we wait too long, we’d forget the steps involved in creating the new content.  On the other hand, I don’t know that all of our current content really merits a move to the new site.  As librarians, we know the necessity of prudent weeding from time to time and a web site is no different than a print collection.  A reasonable compromise might be to convert the current pages that show up with significant numbers of hits on our monthly statistics program and then wait to change the rest.  That way we’d have time to have input from our librarians on the value of the lesser-used pages.

In any case, our network administrator must first create a virtual server for Joomla before any of us can start work.  I will certainly keep you up to date on our progress as this project unfolds.  Wish us luck!


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