Love @ first glance for the Nook Color E-reader

December 13, 2010 at 12:40 pm 1 comment

Reading an EPUB format on the Nook Color

Reading an EPUB format on the Nook Color

Have I found the e-reader that I’d seriously consider purchasing yet …perhaps!  We got the Nook Color version at the library on Saturday and I immediately saw the improvements that had been made over the original Nook.  The first thing I noticed is that it is a completely touch screen.  The only controls on the frame itself are a volume control and the on/off button.  This means no buttons to push to turn pages or get to a menu.  It is also a bit longer and thinner than the regular Nook.  All of this I observered prior to even turning it on.  Then the fun really began as a vibrantly colored screen appeared and suggested that I might want to watch some videos explaining the features.  I put off watching the videos in order to first register the Nook but unfortunately ran into problems with our own wifi and a firewall.  In the end, I was forced to wait until after work when I was able to stop by the local Barnes & Noble and register it using their own wifi in the store.

As luck would have it, my request for a digital book through our OverDrive account came through this morning.  Since I already had the Adobe Digital Editions running on my computer, it was fast and painless to download my book to the computer and then transfer it to the Nook Color.  The only difference I observed is that the black/white nook registerd as “Nook” on my Adobe screen while the Nook Color is listed as “Media.”

I found my book in the Library section under “My Files”, digital editions.  I clicked on the book title and I was up and running.  In looking at the screen, I’ll have to admit that there is some glare under our artificial lights – but not enough to disturb me.  The part of reading my book that I instantly loved is being able to touch the screen on the right lower side to turn the page or else swipe a finger across the page to accomplish the same thing.  Wow – NO flashing of screen from white to black and then white again – Yes, my major objection to e-readers has been overcome!!  I can’t describe how much that constant flashing on the e-ink pages had bothered me.  I guess it’s just a person thing, but I’d rather put up with a bit of glare than the flashing.  Other users have told me that I’d get used to e-ink, but I’m just not sure.

I then tried to change the text size and font face on my e-reader.  I looked in vain for the “preferences” icon that was present on the B/W Nook.  Nope, that was now gone.  I had to resort to reading the online documentation to discover that if you touch the center of the screen while reading a book, something called the “Reading Tools” menu pops up and it’s there that you can change the font and size of your text.

Library Web Page on the Nook Color e-Reader

Library Web Page on the Nook Color e-Reader

Browsing the web in full color is a wonder with the Nook Color and it easily changes from portrait to landscape mode as you adjust your hands.  Social networking sites like Facebook are pre-marked as favorites so it is just a click away. 

These are just my first impressions after using this device for a few hours.  As I discover new features and/or any drawbacks to the Nook Color, I’ll be updating my post.


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