Taking the Nook out in Public

December 15, 2010 at 9:48 am Leave a comment

Yesterday I had a routine medical appointment in a neighboring city so I decided to take my Nook Color along to read during the long waiting period prior to seeing my doctor.  My husband drove me to the office and the two of us squeezed into the last vacant chairs in the tiny reception area.  Since the television was blaring an old episode of Friends, I grabbed the Nook and started to read my book.  Soon, one of the other patients asked me if I had “one of those new book things” and I replied that it was a color e-reader.  More questions followed and soon other patients joined in the discussion.  When I mentioned that not only was it a reader, but also browsed the web and contained games like chess and sudoku, even my husband stopped watching television and asked to see the Nook.  I finally had him hooked at the mention of sudoku and he insisted on playing a game while I extolled the rest of the abilities of the device to my audience.  Thankfully, my name was finally called to see the doctor and I grabbed my reader and headed off to face another wait, but this time in a private room.  I think I had managed to read two pages before my medical person entered the room and immediately asked what I thought of e-readers.  Once again, I went through my list of the various brands I have tried and what I liked or disliked about each one.  (The thought entered my mind that perhaps I should become a salesperson for these things in my spare time.)  I left my appointment yesterday with the realization that e-readers are truly a “big thing” not only for those of us who work with books all day, but also with the public as a whole.  Even if people are not ready to purchase one for themselves, they are at least interested in seeing one and finding out what they will do.

By the way, I am finding out that the touch feature to turn pages on the Nook Color doesn’t always work as well as I might wish.  I can touch the same spot on the screen and not have it work two times in a row.  I might have to touch it several times in order to make it move from one screen to the next.  Perhaps it just takes practice in applying the correct pressure, but it is the first drawback I’ve run into so far, aside from its weight.  I’ll keep on using it and report back to you.


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Love @ first glance for the Nook Color E-reader The iPad has arrived !

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