Digipalooza Roundup – Day Three!

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Turning Ideas Into Action – Karen Estrovich

OverDrive Training Month – Sept 12-Oct 7 – – Register now since spaces fill fast.  Please encourage your staff to get involved in this great training opportunity.

Install the OverDrive Dashboard so you can review circulation and collection data.  See what’s working and what is not working.

Share what you’ve learned at Digipalooza with other members of your staff/consortium.

Within the next 3-6 months – OverDrive WIN program and more maximum access programs available.  More suppliers will be coming soon.

One Year from Now
Monitor & adjust budgets for demand
Users will have access to more titles and libraries will maintain control over circulation.
Potential new funds for eBooks
Shift more budget from print.
Spend for demand
Consider additional formats:  music and video

Stay connected with OverDrive:
Visit the training center – http://overdrive.com/trainingcenter/
Marketing kits – http://overdrive.com/resources/partnerservices/marketingoutreach/
Contact the team anytime – http://overdrive.com/Contact/

Homework for OverDrive Team – from Amy Pawlowski (Cleveland Public)
Find a neater way to save searches in ordering.
Have a search for publishers in ordering
Have a breakdown for mobile with app breakdown by device
Have a download station for e-books !!
Be able to renew titles if no waiting list
Webmaster tools – xml feeds
One piece of software for ebooks and one for audiobooks
Ability to weed collection
Mobile searching could be better.
Better catalog integration
Better marketing tools in electronic format.
Librarians have access to patron’s library card number.
Sales rank for books by how many other libraries have already purchased.


photo of Steve Potash

Steve Potash Predicts the Digital Future

Steve Potash’s Crystal Ball

4 Categories of change:

1.  Streaming – now we’re known as a downloading library but with the Kindle addition, there will be more streaming for ebooks.  This is expose thousand of interactive and educational products.

2.  E-Books EVERYWHERE – we’re now very device-centric.  There are already 85 devices for ebook reading, but this is a fraction of what is coming.  (web browsers on microwaves and fridges ??)  Now working directly with Adobe to not have patrons have to authorize their device before downloading.  Perhaps OverDrive can work behind the scenes to provide this authorization seamlessly without patrons even realizing it.  (New download stations being tested are all touchscreen.)
This will also mean a higher quality of e-book.  EPUB-3 standard coming out soon.  More robust content will follow this release.

3.  Make Libraries the premium destination for copyrighted digital media.  

4.  Unknown Explosion in Web Traffic –  The spike we saw in January is but a fraction of what is coming.  This may stress out our computer systems, library support staff, demand for library cards etc.  Let’s prepare for 100x times the previous traffic !!  80% of browsers on our digital catalog never check out books – just looking.  This may change soon.  Our libraries need to prepare for this coming explosion!!


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Educating Your User – Day 2 Digipalooza 2011 OverDrive New Support

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